Running for Skye in support of the Stillbirth Foundation Stillbirth Foundation Australia Trust
Running for Skye in support of the Stillbirth Foundation
Stillbirth Foundation Australia Trust
Running for Skye in support of the Stillbirth Foundation
Running for Skye in support of the Stillbirth Foundation

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My Story

In June 2009 I held my little niece Skye Dawson in my arms, she was perfect in every way, good birth weight, pursed little lips, 10 fingers and toes etc.. etc... everything except she never took a breath in this world, she never left a footprint in the sand and my sister and her husband were left wondering why? I didn't know what to even say to my sister or PK then, sometimes I still don't now.... 😢. It was unexplained/no real reason for them and it happens to 6 babies EVERY DAY in Australia, some with a reason, many not.
So in 2010 it would have been Skye's 1st birthday when the talk of City to Surf came up at work, I decided to run it to raise money for the Stillbirth Foundation (for those that know me now - back then I hadn't even run a 10km event... ever.... I played netball and that was it - lol). I realised if I was going to ask people to donate I needed to put in a bit of effort and signed up for the half marathon.....
Fast forward to this year and I've done this event (if I have been in Perth) each year for the Stillbirth Foundation, this year I hadn't entered for many reasons and it didn't really fit with other events as I do blame Skye for turning me into this 'wannabe' runner.... Then Offspring screened on Wednesday night, OMG.... good on them for tackling a subject usually shied away from, not spoken about, but wow, didn't see it coming and it had me in tears..... With only 9 days to the City to Surf I realised this still needs awareness raising, still needs funds and to my dismay when looking into it realised that the statistics have not decreased in my time raising money for the Stillbirth Foundation - still now there are SIX stillborn babies per DAY in Australia - thats higher than the national road death toll over the course of a year.

So I know we aren't in the mining boom anymore and I don't work for FMG anymore so Twiggy can't generously top up my fundraising account, however while times are tougher, these issues still need awareness, education and more importantly fundraising into research - like the recent findings by the Victor Chang Research Centre expected to save thousands of miscarriages and birth defects. I know many of you who donate, do it for a reason, it touches more Australians than we realise and is usually just not spoken much about. I won't be running for a set time, fitness goal or anything, I hadn't even planned to run, I will be running it purely as it gives me a reason to set up this fundraising link and raise some much needed $$$ for this cause. Plus the first time I ran it I think I cursed poor Skye the whole 21.1kms... now I do it and just kind of think its the 2-2.5hrs a year I kind of feel like she encourages me along.

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